Painless Cron Monitoring

Get instant alerts when any of your background jobs fail silently or run longer than expected.

Get started for free It takes less than a minute to set up a monitor

Have you lost data, money or customers because your background jobs stopped running?

Cronhub makes sure you never face any of these issues by monitoring all your background jobs & alerting you if anything goes off so you can focus on growing your business.


You set up your monitor

Creating and integrating a new monitor with your cron job is a breeze.


We continuously monitor

After your cron job makes the first ping we will start monitoring your job.


We send you alerts

If your job fails to run on schedule or runs longer than it should we will alert you.

Uptime monitoring

You can set up a policy to make sure your cron job always runs on time. If it fails we will alert you.

Time monitoring

You can set up a policy to monitor the running time of your cron job. If it runs longer we will alert you.

Beautiful dashboard

A comprehensive look of all your cron job monitors. See the current state, next running time and more.

Instant alerts

Get instant alerts via email, Slack, Pagerduty, SMS or webhook. Choose the channels that works for you.

Team collaboration

You can invite your team members to collaborate on Cronhub with a shared dashboard.

Metrics visualized

You can see how many times your cron job ran and how the running time evolved over time.

Weekly reports

Every Sunday we take a snapshot of all your monitors and send you an email report with insights.

Active suppport

Most support requests are answered within 24 hours.

I built Cronhub to scratch my own itch. While working at Buffer and on my side-projects, I've realized that most cron jobs are like black holes. We don't know anything about them. Cronhub allows me to stay on top of my scheduled tasks and never worry.

Tigran Hakobyan - Creator of Cronhub

When you create a new monitor you will get a unique ping URL, like the one below.

Make any HTTP request to this URL from your cron job or scheduled script. When this URL is not requested for a time period then you will get alerted. The time period is based on your cron and monitor schedule which should be the same.

Here are some examples how you can make requests to the URL.